澳洲學生簽證 | GTE 是甚麼,應該要點樣寫好?

澳洲學生簽證 | GTE 是甚麼,應該要點樣處理?



就好似申請澳洲學生簽證,申請人除了需要填寫不同的資料,以及完成身體檢查之外,自2016年7月1日起,所有簽證申請人都需要提交簡稱GTE的臨時入境者聲明(Genuine Temporary Entrant)。

究竟GTE是甚麼? 要求是甚麼? 應該如何填寫? 如果未能滿足相關要求會有甚麽後果? 下文會為大家簡單介紹。


GTE全名為Genuine Temporary Entrant(臨時入境者聲明),根據內政部網站,臨時入境者聲明的作用是學生簽證申請人確認申請人到澳洲只是短期停留澳洲,以作學習用途。


澳洲內政部不滿意申請人提交的(Genuine Temporary Entrant),內政部是有權拒絕申請人的學生簽證(VISA 500)申請。希望申請移民的學生需要特別注意!

如何撰寫Genuine Temporary Entrant 以降低拒絕簽證的風險?

根據內政部網站,Genuine Temporary Entrant(臨時入境者聲明)是一份英語(English) 個人陳述(Personal Statement)。如有需要,申請者可以另外上載額外證明文件。內政部會根據申請者的個人狀況從而審批。內政部強烈建議申請者在撰寫Genuine Temporary Entrant(臨時入境者聲明)之前,應該先閱讀Ministerial Direction 69


Previous study

  • academic transcripts showing qualifications achieved
  • name of the education provider(s)
  • length of study
  • certificates of attainment

Gap in previous study

  • reasons why there is a gap in your studies including where you did not maintain enrolment

Current employment

  • your current employer
  • company address
  • period of employment
  • details of your position
  • the name and contact details of someone who can confirm the circumstances of your employment

Economic situation in home country or country of residence

  • documents showing employment or business activities for 12 months before lodging an application
  • potential employment offers including salary and other benefits,  after course completion
  • income tax return or bank statements

Employment in a third country

Potential employment offers, including salary and other benefits, after course completion

Include as much information and evidence as possible in your GTE statement to help give us a full view of your situation. This will help us make a decision on your student visa application. Otherwise, we might need to ask you for more information, delaying our decision on your visa application.

內政部如何審查Genuine Temporary Entrant?


We consider your:

  • reason for not studying in your home country or region if a similar course is available there
  • ties to your home country that support an intention to return after study is finished
  • economic situation
  • military service commitments
  • political and civil unrest in your home country


We consider your:

  • ties to Australia that present a strong incentive to stay in Australia
  • level of knowledge of the proposed course and education provider
  • previous study and qualifications
  • planned living arrangements
  • financial stability


  • if the course is consistent with your current level of education
  • if the course is relevant to past or proposed future employment in your home country or a third country
  • expected salary and other benefits in your home country or a third country obtained with your qualifications from the proposed course of study


  • previous visa applications for Australia or other countries
  • visa refusals or cancellations

總而言之,Genuine Temporary Entrant(臨時入境者聲明)申請人需要撰寫一份個人聲明(歡迎上載額外證明文件),證明申請人申請學生簽證的作用是讀書,只是短暫停留,沒有移民傾向。完成學業後,會回到申請時候的所在地,不會在澳洲停留。希望以上資料可以幫到有興趣去澳洲升學嘅大家。


Australian Department of Home Affairs

Ministerial Direction 69

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