Optometry 視光學課程

眼科視光學是基層健康護理專業,亦是直接為公眾提供服務的獨立專業。世界眼科視光學委員會(The World Council of Optometry)認為,眼科視光專業是一項自主、需要教育和規範的健康保健專業。眼科視光師的職責是保障眼睛和視覺系統健康,提供全面的視覺保健服務,包括屈光檢查和配鏡、診斷和處理眼疾以及協助視覺系統症狀的康復。




  • 使用專業驗眼儀器檢查病人眼睛健康
  • 為顧客或病人提供適合的護眼建議及教育
  • 為顧客或病人檢查視力度數
  • 為眼疾患者提供適當治療及眼部訓練,如斜視或弱視患者等



約$20,000 – 25,000


約$30,000 – 40,000


約$40,000 以上


Source: 生涯規劃網站


University of Hong Kong 香港大學

JUPAS Code: JS3694
Programme Name: Bachelor of Pharmacy 藥劑學學士
Study Duration: 4 years
Entry Requirement: 2019 Average Best 6 DSE Score: 34
English Requirement: DSE English Level 4
Additional Requirement NA
Tuition Fee: $HKD 42,100
Website: https://www.pharma.hku.hk/en/Study-With-Us/Bachelor-of-Pharmacy

Chinese university of hong Kong 香港中文大學



Programme Name: Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) 藥劑學學士
Study Duration: 4 Years
Entry Requirement: 2020 DSE 4C +2X 34
English Requirement: DSE Level 3
Additional Requirement: Interview
Tuition Fee: HKD $42,100
Website: Here

cuhk 課程大綱參考

Year 1
MEDF1011** Faculty Package: Foundation Course for Health Sciences I 2
MEDF1012** Faculty Package: Foundation Course for Health Sciences II 3
MEDF1021 Faculty Package: Public Health & Healthcare Ethics 3
MEDF1031 Faculty Package: Communication Skills 2
PHAR1000 Introduction to Pharmacy 2
PHAR1110** Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
PHAR1440 Clinical Microbiology & Infection Control 1
Year 2
PHAR1423 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2
PHAR1433**,1434 Anatomy and Physiology I, II 2 each
PHAR2131 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2
PHAR2211**,2212** Dosage Form Science I, II 2 each
PHAR2313 Principles of Pharmaceutical Dispensing 3
PHAR2410** Pharmacology and Therapeutics I 3
PHAR2520** Fundamentals of Herbal Medicines 2
Year 3
PHAR2110 Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design 3
PHAR2213** Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing 3
PHAR2220 Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 2
PHAR2320 Pharmacy Law 2
PHAR2330 Contemporary Pharmacy Practice 2
PHAR3413**,3414** Pharmacology and Therapeutics II, III 3 each
PHAR3812** Clinical Assessment and Monitoring 2
 Any One 2-unit course from the following:    
PHAR2710^ Pharmaceutical Research Methods 2
PHAR2711^** Healthcare Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing 2
 Free Elective Courses (to be offered in Summer Term)    
PHAR2018 Inter-professional Learning for Medication Safety 1
PHAR3603 International Pharmacy Practice


  • University of Arizona
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Southern California
  • University of California San Diego
PHAR3604 Community Pharmacy Summer Clerkship 1
PHAR3605 Hospital Pharmacy Summer Clerkship 1
Year 4
PHAR1004 Personal Development in Pharmacy 1
PHAR3330** Community Pharmacy Practice 3
PHAR3415** Pharmacology and Therapeutics IV 3
PHAR3420 Pharmacogenomics and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 2
PHAR3510** Complementary and Alternative Medicine 3
Area of Concentration: Research    
PHAR4911**,4912 Research Project I, II 0, 6
Area of Concentration: Pharmacy Clerkship    
PHAR4201® Community Pharmacy Clerkship 2
PHAR4301® Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship 2
  And choice of one clerkship in:  
PHAR4204^ Pharmacy Clerkship: Community-based Practice 2
PHAR4205^ Pharmacy Management and Administration Clerkship
PHAR4302^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Cardiology
PHAR4303^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Infectious Diseases
PHAR4304^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship : Psychiatry
PHAR4305^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Oncology
PHAR4306^ Hospital Pharmacy Experience in Mainland China
PHAR4307^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Paediatrics
PHAR4308^ Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship: Emergency Medicine/Critical Care 2
PHAR4401^ Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Multi-national Company
PHAR4402^ Industrial Pharmacy Clerkship : Local Manufacturer
PHAR4403^ Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine Clerkship 2
PHAR4501^ TCM Clerkship
PHAR4601^ Drug Information Clerkship



University of Nottingham

Programme Name: Master of Pharmacy
Study Duration: 4 Years
DSE Entry Requirement: DSE 5, 5, 4/ IB 36 points
English Requirement: 7.0 overall with no sub score lower than 6.0
Additional Requirement: Interview
Tuition Fee: GBP £25,000
Basic Info Link
Website Here


Programme Name MPharm (Hons)
Study Duration 5 Years
Entry Requirement HKDSE – 544
English Requirement (IELTS, academic) with a minimum score of 6.5
Additional Requirement Interview
Tuition Fee GBP £19,740
Basic Info Link
Website https://www.bradford.ac.uk/courses/ug/pharmacy-mpharm/

Monash University

Programme Name: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
CRICOS Code: 08230F
Study Duration: 4 Years
Entry Requirement: HKDSE Best 5: 21/ IB 33
English Requirement: A minimum result of 6.5 no sub score lower than 6.0
Additional Requirement: NA
Tuition Fee: AUD $44,500 (2021)
Basic Info:


Website: https://www.monash.edu/study/courses/find-a-course/2021/pharmacy-p3001


Programme Name Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
CRICOS Code 096304A
Study Duration 4 Years
Entry Requirement DSE Best 5 18/ IB 28
English Requirement IELTS All band 7.0
Additional Requirement NA
Tuition Fee Au $ $34,600
Basic Info Link
Website https://study.curtin.edu.au/offering/course-ug-bachelor-of-pharmacy-honours–bh-pharm/

University of british Waterloo

Programme Name: PharmD
Study Duration: 4 Years
Entry Requirement: Successful completion of at least two full years of university-level science with specific course requirements
English Requirement: IELTS a minimum overall score of 7.5 with a minimum score of 7.0 in each component of the Academic Test (not General Test)
Additional Requirement:

Admission Information Form, reference, online assessment of personal characteristics (CASPer test), interview, Fundamental Skills Assessment required

Tuition Fee: Here
Basic Info: Link
Website: Here

University of alberta

Programme Name PharmD
Study Duration 4 Years
Entry Requirement Here
English Requirement Here
Additional Requirement Here
Tuition Fee Here
Basic Info Link



Programme Name: Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
Study Duration: 4 Years
Entry Requirement:
English Requirement: 6.0, no bands less than 5.5
Additional Requirement: Here
Tuition Fee: Here
Basic Info: Link
Website: https://www.otago.ac.nz/courses/qualifications/bpharm.html

University of AUCKLAND

Programme Name Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
Study Duration 4 Years
Entry Requirement Here
English Requirement 6.0 overall with all bands 5.5
Additional Requirement

To apply for BPharm as a first year student you must complete the first year of the Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) or the Bachelor of Science (BSc) at the University of Auckland.

Tuition Fee NZ $33,836
Basic Info Link
Website https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/study/study-options/find-a-study-option/bachelor-of-pharmacy-bpharm.html

*資料來源The University of Nottingham, University of Bradford


University of Notthingham

Year 1

The fundamentals of Pharmacy


Bacterial and Infections

Year 2

Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders

Asthma, Allergies, and immune Diseases


Sexual Health and Pregnancy

Renal and Endocrine Diseases


Year 3

Viral and Parasitic Infections 


Central Nervous System

Pharmacy Research Project

Year 4

Integrated Pharmaceutical and Patient Care 1 &2

Advanced Drug Discovery

Pharmacy Leadership and Management

Future Medicines 

 Curtin University

Year 1
Year 1 Semester 1
HUMB1000 v.1   Human Structure and Function 4.0 25.0
CMHL1000 v.1   Foundations for Professional Health Practice 3.0 25.0
PHAR1002 v.1   Pharmacy Practice 1 4.0 25.0
BCCB2000 v.1   Foundations of Biochemistry 5.0 25.0
Year 1 Semester 2
INDH1006 v.1   Indigenous Cultures and Health Behaviours 3.0 25.0
EPID1000 v.1   Foundations of Biostatistics and Epidemiology 3.0 25.0
PATH1000 v.3   Introduction to Pathophysiology 4.0 25.0
CHEM1006 v.1   Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5.0 25.0
Year 2
Year 2 Semester 1
IMED2000 v.1   Immunology and Infectious Diseases for Pharmacists 4.0 25.0
PHRM2003 v.1   Biochemical Principles in Pharmacology 5.0 25.0
PHAR2000 v.2   Foundations of Pharmaceutics 5.0 25.0
PHAR2003 v.1   Pharmacy Practice 2 4.0 25.0
Year 2 Semester 2
IMED2001 v.1   Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 5.0 25.0
PHRM2004 v.1   Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical Analysis 5.0 25.0
PHAR2001 v.2   Pharmaceutical Formulation 7.0 25.0
IMED2002 v.1   Integrated Pharmacology and Therapeutics 1 5.0 25.0


Year 3
Year 3 Semester 1
IMED3005 v.1   Medicinal Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacokinetics 4.0 25.0
IMED3002 v.2   Pharmaceutical Technology 4.5 25.0
PHAR3002 v.1   Pharmacy Practice 3 5.0 25.0
IMED3006 v.1   Integrated Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2 4.0 25.0
Year 3 Semester 2
IMED3007 v.1   Integrated Pharmacology and Therapeutics 3 5.0 25.0
IMED3003 v.2   Biopharmaceutical Technology 4.0 25.0
PHAR3003 v.1   Pharmacy Practice 4 5.0 25.0
PHRM3003 v.2   Pharmaceutical Project 3.0 25.0
Year 4
PHAR4007 v.1   Pharmacy Practice 5 4.0 25.0
IMED4001 v.1   Central Nervous System (CNS) Pharmacology and Therapeutics 5.0 25.0
PHAR4003 v.1   Professional Pharmacy Placement 1 35.0 50.0
Year 4 Semester 2
PHAR4004 v.1   Professional Pharmacy Placement 2 35.0 50.0
PHAR4008 v.1   Management and Leadership in Pharmacy 4.0 25.0
IMED4002 v.1   Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics 5.0 25.0

*資料來源The University of Nottingham, Curtin University








(a) 在香港大學或香港中文大學修畢全日制課程後,持有該大學所頒授的藥劑學學位;或
(b) 非本地申請人必須完成不少於三個完整學年的全日制藥劑學大專教育課程,或具備同等學歷,並通常於其完成教育課程的國家,已註冊為藥劑師或已取得註冊為藥劑師的專業資格。











Source: Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong


To practise as a pharmacist, you have to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). To register, you need to study for an accredited Masters degree in pharmacy (MPharm). Universities across the UK offer the course, which lasts four years, full time.

After university, to become a fully qualified pharmacist you’ll need to:

  • work for a 1-year pre-registration period under supervision in a community or hospital pharmacy
  • pass a registration exam

Source: United Kingdom National Health Service

In order to become a licensed pharmacist in Canada, you need:

  1. A bachelor’s or doctor of pharmacy degree from one of 10 Canadian universities
  2. To complete a national board examination through the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) (except Québec)
  3. Practical experience through an apprenticeship/internship program
  4. Fluency in English or French

The profession of pharmacy is regulated on a provincial and territorial level. The regulatory authorities are directly responsible for granting pharmacist licenses, assessing the competency of pharmacists and ensuring public safety. For a detailed look at the specific provincial licensing requirements in every province, visit the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA).

Source: Canadian Pharmacists Association

To become a registered pharmacist in Australia you must complete an accredited university degree in pharmacy, a one-year paid internship and intern training program and then pass the Pharmacy Board’s registration examination.

Straight from high-school

You can apply to study pharmacy as an undergraduate student straight from high school if you meet the minimum ATAR or other Public Qualifications requirements.

Complete a 1-year internship and concurrent intern training program

Upon graduating with a degree in pharmacy, you will be required to apply for ‘provisional’ registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia in order to complete a one-year paid internship.

Working under the supervision of a registered pharmacist, as an intern you will build on the practical experience gained in your degree to ensure you have the skills required for all areas of pharmacy practice, including:

  • preparing and dispensing medications and ointments
  • providing advice on prescription medications, ‘over-the-counter’ products and complementary medicines (including selection, dosage, interactions, side-effects and therapeutic effects)
  • liaising with patients, their doctors and family to determine medication history and correct dosages
  • checking for errors and conducting medication reviews
  • promoting health awareness
  • understanding legally recognised standards and government regulations for the supply of medicines
During this period of supervised practice, you must also complete an accredited Intern Training Program (ITP).

Sit the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s registration exam

Only once you complete this internship and training program will you be able to sit the Pharmacy Board’s registration examination (comprising of a written and oral component) and be eligible to apply for general registration as a pharmacist in Australia.

Pharmacists require this registration to find employment in a variety of clinical settings and specialities, including hospital and community pharmacies, consultancy, government and industrial positions.


To register and practise as a pharmacist in New Zealand, a four-year University programme leading to a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) degree followed by 52 weeks of trainee internship at approved pharmaceutical establishments has to be undertaken.

Source: Pharmacy Council of New Zealand


Source: Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Hong Kong

Source: Canadian Pharmacists Association

Source: Canadian Faculties and Schools of Pharmacy

Source: United Kingdom National Health Service

Source: Pharmacy Board of Australia

Source: Pharmacy Council of New Zealand




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